Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-348 8.0-7 Fixed a bug that prevented flow listings in some circumstances 2020-07-20
Bugfix-479 8.1-11 Fixed a bug that caused column filters to disappear after changing the Display option in a few grids 2022-03-31
Bugfix-347 8.0-6 Fixed a bug that caused 2 tabs to be opened instead of 1 2020-07-17
Bugfix-343 8.0-5 Fixed a bug that affected influxdb 2020-07-14
Bugfix-43 6.0-54 Fixed a bug related to the Excel exporting function 2015-11-12
Bugfix-464 8.1-3 Fix wrong patch version on CentOS 2021-12-27
Bugfix-15 6.0-27 Fix WANsupervisor crash immediately after starting up, in rare conditions 2015-03-26
Bugfix-227 7.0-7 Fix the Sensor Interfaces selector in the Flows Top page 2018-05-28
Bugfix-508 8.2-4 Fix the REST API request POST /wanguard-api/v1/users in 8.2 2023-01-11
Bugfix-377 8.0-15 Fix the rendering of the Upload License button in Firefox 2020-09-26
Bugfix-552 8.2-19 Fix the option to show bytes/s instead of bits/s in IP graphs generated from influxdb data 2023-10-21
Bugfix-541 8.2-13 Fix the opening of some Packet Dumps from Filtering Rule Archive 2023-07-30
Bugfix-431 8.0-33 Fix the notifications sent by Responses in some cases 2021-08-03
Bugfix-310 7.2-1 Fix the linkage of libnl on CentOS 7 2019-09-05
Bugfix-553 8.2-19 Fix the legend of country graphs obtained via the REST API 2023-10-21
Bugfix-543 8.2-14 Fix the GET /wanguard-api/v1/sensor_tops REST API call when retrieving tops for Sensor Clusters 2023-08-31
Bugfix-430 8.0-33 Fix the Flowspec announcement for some filtering rules detected by the FRAGMENT decoder 2021-08-03
Improvement-286 7.1-12 Fix the flickering of some auto-refreshing graphs in Console 2019-04-19
Bugfix-369 8.0-13 Fix the entry for 1 Year in Configuration » General Settings » Data Retention 2020-09-09
Bugfix-298 7.1-14 Fix the display value of the RX Enq field in Dataplane 2019-05-19