Comparing Andrisoft Wanguard with other anti-DDoS products from Arbor, Radware, etc.

We are often asked for product comparisons. We have not compiled a feature comparison chart between Wanguard and other anti-DDoS solutions from vendors such as Arbor Networks (Prevail, Peakflow), Radware (DefensePipe), Juniper (DDoS Secure), Narus, Fortinet, RioRey, Juniper, and so on because we don't do tests on competing products; therefore we are not able to compare and benchmark their performance during real attacks and traffic loads. Andrisoft is open to working with any independent reviewer that can provide such feature comparisons and benchmarks.

The feedback that we've received from many of our customers is that we do offer an excellent alternative to Arbor Networks (which is a market leader in the US enterprise segment), and also that our products share many great features. These are some differentiators between our solution and Arbor's, differentiators which reflect differences both technical and commercial:
  • We firmly believe that not only large companies but also smaller businesses should be able to afford protection against DDoS attacks. This is why our products are priced 10 to 150 times cheaper than the competition. Our portfolio includes multinational carriers and telecoms, but nevertheless we also value our much smaller customers (cloud startups, small web hosting companies, schools, etc.) by providing them with an affordable anti-DDoS software solution.
  • Unlike the competition, we try to be as open as possible. Our prices are not hidden behind a quote form and do not vary in time or based on your country. The documentation and the software are freely available to anyone.
  • The DDoS mitigation solutions that we provide run on the open Linux platform. We do not force our customers into buying expensive appliances from us, although we do sell pre-configured appliances. Our customers have full control over their hardware, operating system, third-party tools, etc.
  • Wanguard is more flexible in many ways: it works equally well with packets and flows; it supports manual and automatic responses to attacks; you can have a single multi-purpose server running several Sensor and Filter instances; you can see detailed traffic graphs for every IP; BGP blackholing can be triggered in case of critical attacks; there are no limits on the number of managed objects, i.a.
  • Wanguard was built solely to do DDoS attacks detection and mitigation. We've learned that trying to replace the functionality of other types of security systems (firewall, IDS, IPS, SNMP monitoring products) often leads to technical compromises when dealing with large scale DDoS attacks. The result is usually a product that tries to do everything, but manages to do little with true speed and efficiency.

Andrisoft Team
Date Created
2013-11-20 17:06:16
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2019-01-08 11:33:27