IP Accounting database layout

IP accounting data is stored in several MySQL tables which start with the acct string.
The name of each table indicates the day, Sensor and interface which collected the data: acct-year-month_numeric-day_numeric-sensor_id. The month_numeric and the day_numeric may be padded with a leading 0 to contain 2 digits, so for January 8th the month will be 01 and the day 08. The sensor_id is the id column listed in the wansensor table.

The columns of each table are:
ip - IPv4 or IPv6 address in binary format. To extract the human readable IP address use the php inet_ntop() function.
activity - it increments with 1 every 5 seconds while the IP sends or receives traffic
d_decoder - packets received by the IP
d_decoderbits - bits received by the IP
s_decoder - packets sent by the IP
s_decoderbits - bits sent by the IP
The last 4 fields are repeated for every decoder activated in Configuration » Global Settings » Graphs & Storage.

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2014-02-20 06:30:23
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