Reset the admin password

If you have forgotten the "admin" account's password you can use two methods to regain access:

  1. Reset the password of the "admin" account from another account with Administrator role.
  2. If you cannot do that, connect to MySQL using PHPMyAdmin or a similar tool, or from the CLI by executing:
    •  mysql -p
    • The following SQL command selects the database:
    • USE andrisoft
    • To update the password execute:
    • UPDATE company_staff SET password="*7ACE763ED393514FE0C162B93996ECD195FFC4F5" WHERE username="admin";
    • The password for the "admin" account is now "changeme".

Andrisoft Team
Date Created
2014-03-18 14:53:09
Date Updated
2017-11-30 00:22:14