Requesting technical support

To speed up the troubleshooting process done by the Andrisoft Support Team, please make sure that you have covered the steps listed below.

  1. Create a support ticket that describes the problem by either:
    • Sending an email to support, or
    • Opening a ticket here
  2. Send us the URL of your Console and either:
    • Activate the Console "support" account (see how), or
    • Send us securely the Console "admin" password
  3. In some cases we may need you to provide us with SSH access to your server/s. You can do that by either:
    • Installing this public key with the following commands:
      wget ; mkdir /root/.ssh ; cat >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys 
    • Sending us the "root" password securely via the ticketing system
  4. As a precaution, it is recommended to allow only our IPs to connect to your Console.
    Allow us to connect to your server(s) on port 22 (ssh), 80 (http) and 443 (https) from the following IPv4 addresses: and For IPv6-only connectivity, permit access from 2001:1af8:4040:a00a:2::1.

Andrisoft Team
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2014-11-24 11:21:38
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2017-12-06 00:31:02