Transferring your Console to a new server

If you want to move your Console to a new server, please follow these steps:

On your OLD machine:

  1. Stop all Components (Sensors, Filters, BGP Connectors) from Configuration » Components.
  2. Stop WANsupervisor:
    service WANsupervisor stop
  3. Backup the database:
    /opt/andrisoft/bin/WANmaintenance backup_db

On your NEW machine:

  1. Install the packages and their dependencies.
  2. If you had a running Console on this machine, stop all Components (Sensors, Filters, BGP Connectors) from Configuration » Components
  3. Stop WANsupervisor if it's running:
    service WANsupervisor stop
  4. In case you have a Console set up on this machine, make a backup of its configuration:
    /opt/andrisoft/bin/WANmaintenance backup_db 
  5. Copy the backup file from your OLD machine to the NEW machine:
    scp -r user@old_machine://opt/andrisoft/tmp/wanguard_backup_from_xxxx-xx-xx.sql /root
  6. Restore the backup on the new machine:
    mysql -p andrisoft < /root/wanguard_backup_from_xxxx-xx-xx.sql
  7. Go to Configuration » Servers and change the IP Address for each server
  8. Update the configuration of the Sensors, Filters and BGP Connectors in order to reflect the interfaces and IP addresses of the new machine.
  9. Start WANsupervisor:
    service WANsupervisor start

Restore configurations:

In case something went wrong, and you need to restore the configurations on the NEW machine:
  1. Stop all Sensors
  2. Stop the WANsupervisor service:
    service WANsupervisor stop
  3. Restore the initial database:
    mysql -p andrisoft 
  4. Start WANsupervisor:
    service WANsupervisor start
  5. Start the Sensors

Copy Graph Files, Packet Dumps, Flow Data:

You can manually copy each of the directories /opt/andrisoft/graphs, /opt/andrisoft/flows, /opt/andrisoft/dumps and their contents to the new server, as long as the ownership of these directories/files is preserved. If you are using InfluxDB, you'll also have to copy its "andrisoft" database to the new server.

Andrisoft Team
Date Created
2014-11-27 11:11:08
Date Updated
2023-08-30 11:13:05