Upgrade steps from 5.0 to 5.1

Step 1. Stop all Sensors and Filters from the web interface
Step 2. Stop all WanSupervisor daemons ( "service WANsupervisor stop" )
Step 3. Stop apache ( "service apache stop" or "service httpd stop" )
Step 4. Download all rpms and then upgrade them with rpm -Uvh ...
Step 5. Start apache ( "service apache start" or "service httpd start" )
Step 6. Login into the Console
Step 7. Start all WanSupervisor daemons ( "service WANsupervisor start" )
Step 8. Start all Sensors and Filters from the Console

If you used the Packet Analyzer or the Flow Collector, move the folders from /opt/andrisoft/dumps respectively /opt/andrisoft/flows to /opt/andrisoft/dumps/[server_id] or /opt/andrisoft/flows/[server_id]. The [server_id] can be found in Console->Configuration->Servers.

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2013-03-16 21:53:46
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