What is netflow table capacity on Cisco?

No statistics are available for flows that are switched when the NetFlow table is full. If the NetFlow table utilization exceeds the recommended utilization levels, there is an increased probability that there will be insufficient room to store statistics. Table below lists the recommended maximum utilization levels.

PFCRecommended NetFlow Table UtilizationTotal NetFlow Table Capacity
PFC3BXL 235,520 (230 K) entries 262,144 (256 K) entries
PFC3B 117,760 (115 K) entries 131,072 (128 K) entries
PFC3A 65,536 (64 K) entries 131,072 (128 K) entries
PFC2 32,768 (32 K) entries 131,072 (128 K) entries

To monitor the NetFlow table usage on the switch processor and the DFCs, use the mls netflow usage notify command. If the NetFlow table usage monitoring is enabled and the NetFlow table usage exceeds the percentage threshold, a warning message is displayed.

mls netflow usage notify {threshold interval}

where the threshold specifies the percentage threshold that, if exceeded, displays a warning message; valid values are from 20 to 100 percent and the interval specifies the frequency the NetFlow table usage is checked; valid values are from 120 to 1000000 seconds.

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