23 March 2016

Release Notes for Wanguard 6.2

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March 23, 2016 - https://www.andrisoft.com - Andrisoft, developer of traffic monitoring and DDoS mitigation software, today announces a new major release of the Wanguard software platform.

Wanguard 6.2 brings the following new features and changes:

  • BGP FlowSpec (RFC 5575) support and ExaBGP integration.
  • Packet Sensor and Packet Filter can run multi-threaded over multiple CPU cores.
  • Packet Sensor supports Netmap and PF_RING ZC.
  • Flow Sensor supports BZ2 compression of flows for a better compression rate at the expense of a slower access to flow data.
  • Flow Sensor detects anomalies faster in some cases.
  • S/RTBH support for Packet Filter, Flow Filter and Filter Cluster.
  • Much faster per-subnet IP accounting, enabled for all subnets defined in the IP Zone.
  • A new "Custom Script Return Value" Conditional Parameter that allows any logical combination of other Conditional Parameters.
  • New Response actions:
    • Send a visual or audio notification to all logged in Console users
    • Send a custom SNMP Trap
    • Apply filtering rules on a third-party inline device
  • The CLI API allows the switching of the IP Zone used by Sensor (e.g. to have different thresholds on busy hours).
  • Guest role benefits from full IP Group-based permissions in Reports » Tools.
  • IP graphs can show stacked Sensors.
  • When the Console server name differs from "Console", the web browser displays it in the window title.
  • BGP Connection renamed BGP Connector.
  • The network connection to quagga/bgpd is initiated from the server running BGP Connector. Previously, the connection was initiated from the Console server.
  • Prioritize blackhole announcements over diversion announcements when a single Quagga bgpd is used without AS views.
  • Various small bugfixes and enhancements.
  • Various small improvements listed in the minor version changelog.
  • Updated User Guide.

For more information on Andrisoft Wanguard and its features, please visit https://www.andrisoft.com/software/wanguard.

To upgrade from 5.x, upgrade to 6.0 first. To upgrade from 6.0 or 6.1, follow the instructions listed here.

About Andrisoft

Andrisoft was founded in 2006, and since then it has maintained a strong business focus on software development, implementation, and support of applications needed by Network Operation Centers. Andrisoft provides complete traffic monitoring and accounting, network protection and policy enforcement solutions for IP networks using the scalable, innovative, and high-performing Wanguard software platform.

Wanguard 8.3 was released! Changelog and upgrade instructions at: https://t.co/nDwGNJsmMw.
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