Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-514 8.2-6 Fix a flow parsing issue with some Mikrotik routers 2023-02-06
Feature-515 8.2-6 Add support for RADIUS authentication on PHP 8+ distros 2023-02-06
Improvement-516 8.2-7 Add the parameter withdraw_after to the REST API call used to for pushing Flowspec announcements 2023-02-13
Bugfix-517 8.2-7 Fix a display bug when listing flows 2023-02-13
Bugfix-518 8.2-8 Fix SNMP v3 authentication in SNMP Sensor 2023-03-12
Feature-519 8.2-8 19 new options for the Summary Graph in Anomaly Reports 2023-03-12
Bugfix-520 8.2-8 Fix parsing whitelist rules with generic IPv6 prefixes such as ::/0. Add support for /0 which matches both ipv6 ::/0 and 2023-03-12
Bugfix-521 8.2-8 Fix a bug that caused some Scheduled Reports to be empty 2023-03-12
Bugfix-522 8.2-9 Fix a minor ordering issue in Configuration » Network & Policy 2023-04-02
Feature-523 8.2-9 Extend the Redirect (IP/VRF) field in ExaBGP Connector to allow entries for IPv4 and an IPv6 address 2023-04-02
Improvement-524 8.2-9 Upgrade PF_RING to version 8.4 2023-04-02
Improvement-525 8.2-9 Flow listings and tops can show the owner of each AS number 2023-04-02
Bugfix-526 8.2-10 Fix connecting to RADIUS servers on custom ports 2023-04-27
Improvement-527 8.2-10 Avoid adding empty href links to the reports sent by email 2023-04-27
Bugfix-528 8.2-10 Fix showing packet dumps on PHP 8 2023-04-27
Bugfix-529 8.2-10 Fix a bug that prevented the {filtering_rule_log_*} dynamic parameter from being displayed 2023-04-27
Improvement-530 8.2-10 Allow the dynamic parameter {severity} to be compared to floating point numbers 2023-04-27
Feature-531 8.2-10 Add support for Mellanox NICs when using PF_RING ZC 2023-04-27
Improvement-532 8.2-11 Update the AS number details 2023-05-15
Improvement-533 8.2-11 Add a new option in ExaBGP Configuration to allow the setting of a custom path for exabgpcli which is used by the Health Checker function 2023-05-15